Hi! Thanks for checking out the Twin Trip website! I'm Felix, AKA Twin Trip. Below are some facts about Twin Trip, what the band has done and what the band plans to do. At this time the band "Twin Trip" is really just a moniker for my music but the band has had great collaborators in the past and will have many more in the future. Check it!


Twin Trip is a musical project / band from Southern California. Twin Trip's songs fall into the pop / alt. rock category however the band often steps outside of those genres to explore different musical realms such as classical, world, jazz, psychedelic and electro. In 2012 the first TT album was released (self titled) and received high rotation among college radio stations in the US and Europe. Through the regular airplay in the college radio scene, the first TT album was able to land in the top 20 on the college radio chart in the US. The album also received critical acclaim among the indie rock scene. At the time the group consisted of Felix Penny and Micah Van Hove. Due to the small amount of members, touring was limited after their debut album. However the duo shot and directed three music videos for the album. "Heavy Load", "Brain Dead" and "Man on the Moon" were released as singles with accompanying videos. They can be found here.

Since 2012, frontman and songwriter Felix Penny has been working on new material while scoring films. His work outside of Twin Trip has brought him to work on films such as A Most Wanted Man (Premiered at Sundance Film Festival), Message from the King (Premiered at Toronto Film Festival) and A Self-Deluded Man (The Sort Film) (Premiered at Cannes Film Festival). You can check out his personal website here.

Twin Trip is planning on releasing new material in 2018. Some has already been released, including the single "Gameboy Color" with B-Side "Atlas" and a demo single called "Space Cadet". They can be found here.

Thanks again for coming to the Twin Trip website! I hope you enjoy the tunes as much as I enjoy making them!

- Felix -